the spice route
fairfax, virginia

Explanation of Project including scope:

An existing 2,300 square-foot kabob & subs joint was to be remodeled into a fast food restaurant which had a brand new concept in terms of delivery of a traditional Indian cuisine.

Our client wanted to take Tandoori cuisine which is typically offered in the traditional sit-down dinner ‘serve-me’ setting into the mainstream fast food arena.

The program called for a restaurant with a servery and mode of operation that facilitated the fast and efficient delivery of Tandoori cuisine for folks on the go.

Unusual Constraints or challenges:

A major constraint was the tight budget within which GMA was allowed to operate.

Also, existing columns and walls would impede the anticipated free flow and movement required by the client for the desired ‘quickness’ of serving patrons was tough to deal with.

The closed-in spaces and booths made the existing restaurant feel smaller than it actually is. The challenge was to eliminate this claustrophobic feeling of tightness.

Creative solutions to the challenges:

GMA replaced the existing 6-foot tall glass store front with a wider and taller one which is 11 feet tall. This, combined with increasing the ceiling height from 8.5 to 10 feet has created a sense of airiness in the new restaurant.  The new tall glass also provides an added feeling of openness in the restaurant by spatially and visually connecting it to the larger adjacent hall space of the mall.

Rectilinear walls that restricted the easy flow of movement by forcing people to make 90-degree turns into booths were removed and replaced with curvilinear elements.

Overall results of the project:

The new curvilinear servery, bulkheads and built-in seating combined with free standing tables and chairs, all in one large contiguous dining space as opposed to individual booths has resulted in a very open and cheery restaurant. Patrons and staff can now move much more easily and efficiently.

The name of the new restaurant, ‘The Spice Route’, is visually captured by the aesthetic movement of components used in the creation of the new space; it’s a speedway that’s hot, fast and SPICY!

g. manu & associates - architectural design & build

g. manu & associates - architectural design & build