Paramount Place
chantilly, virginia

Explanation of Project including scope:

Our clients had come to the conclusion that they will not be moving out of their current home anytime soon because they loved the neighborhood and its proximity to facilities that they believed ensured a very high quality of living.

To that end, they approached team GMA to do a comprehensive design analysis of their existing home to figure out how to make it more functionally and aesthetically ‘complete’.

After several investigative discussions with the clients regarding their needs and lifestyle it was agreed that the following new spaces and elements will be included in the design program for the remodel:

  • sunroom
  • screened nook
  • custom deck
  • front porch and
  • additional garage

Unusual Constraints or challenges:

The new sunroom, custom deck and nook were to be located at the rear, the new porch at the front and the one-car garage addition at one side of the existing house.

The integration of the new structure and roof forms of these spaces to that of the existing house was a major challenge especially because it was our clients wish and GMA’s good design practice requirement that the end result didn’t look like something that was just arbitrarily tacked on.

Creative solutions to the challenges:

Using some of the gable roof forms of the existing house as inspiration, GMA carefully designed roof forms for the new sunroom and garage that seamlessly ties the old and new building components.

Sizes, textures and colors of new siding, roofs, windows, doors and trim were designed and selected to work with those of the existing house to provide one unified aesthetic.

Overall results of the project:

One looks at the house now, with all these new components, and the visual feeling generated is that of a single family home built at the same time, hiding the fact that quite a few of these components are additions!

Functionally, our clients are thrilled with how GMA, collaborating with them, managed to address all of their numerous needs outlined in the design program for the project.

We’ve given them more reason to ‘age-in-place’ in a neighborhood that they love!


g. manu & associates - architectural design & build

g. manu & associates - architectural design & build