Focused Image, Inc.
falls church, virginia

Explanation of Project including scope:

After 7 years it was time to expand the existing office space. The perfect opportunity came when the occupants of the adjacent office moved out. Having provided the design concept of the existing office space, it was only natural that GMA was call upon to redesign the newly acquired extension office space.

The new program was to expand the existing kitchen with the creation of a new breakroom and the provision of more storage space in general.

Also, a design facelift of the existing office space; new carpet, tiles and paint, was included in the program.

Unusual Constraints or challenges:

The client’s main requirement was for the design of the expansion offices to appear original to the space when completed. The goal was to present a unified and homogenous look without giving away the fact that 1,700 square feet of space had recently been added.

Existing design details, such as wood caps at bull pens, special millwork on curved wall features, stone tiles, lighting and glazing were to be replicated at the new office.

Creative solutions to the challenges:

Most of the solutions were arrived at through design research since the original construction documents were not available.

Through a system of test sampling new design details and components at the expansion office space were introduced to match existing millwork, tiles, glazing and lighting.

Special design features such as a distinctive Anigre veneered curved wall at the existing receptions inspired the creation of a new curved wall at the hallway of the expansion space. This was strategically located and utilized as the primary component aesthetically unify of the two spaces.

Both spaces were painted with new colors that represent the corporate colors of our clients. Yet another unification design strategy was to re-carpet existing space with new carpet of expansion space.

Acoustic ceiling tiles and lighting at expansion space were replaced with new to match those at existing office space.

New cabinetry was introduced at existing kitchen, continued into new break room and selectively used at new expansion space. This carried the theme of uniformity throughout both new and existing office spaces.

Overall results of the project:

One cannot tell that our clients newly renovated office was previously two separate offices. Not only are both spaces unified visually, but movement and access between these two spaces is uninhibited, unrestricted and has a natural flow that suggests that this was originally one contiguous space.

g. manu & associates - architectural design & build
g. manu & associates - architectural design & build