Auction Barn Drive
ashburn, virginia

Explanation of Project including scope:

Our clients, who had a young family, have a beautiful home which they love!

The neighborhood is great with some of the top level schools in the country, infrastructure and social amenities. This is a home and neighborhood in which our clients wanted to live in for the next 15-20 years. The existing home would have been perfect, except for the fact that our client, himself being an accomplished landscape designer and engineer, loved to entertain. The existing kitchen was too small and the house had no deck. Also, our clients wanted to have a screened porch. Making it possible to entertain guests outdoors was a major priority on the design program. It was only a matter of time before they approached a design professional to help make their dream a reality! We are very thankful to GMA was chosen to make this happen. The program; a new gourmet Kitchen, Butler’s Pantry, Breakfast area, Screened Porch, an upper private Balcony and a lower Deck overlooking what will be a swimming pool in the near future.

Unusual Constraints or challenges:

As is typical with remodeling, a major constraint was the inherent challenges posed by existing conditions. Opening up the exterior loadbearing wall to create full access into the new Breakfast area required careful structural engineering calculations and details. A major challenge was to ensure the new Sunroom addition, curved Deck and Breakfast room addition with the private Balcony above blended with the exterior aesthetic of the existing house. Our client wanted the least possible amount of structural posts to support the new curved deck. This would make possible the creation of a pool patio below the deck with minimum visual obstruction and access to the swimming pool. A core belief which informs GMA’s approach to solving design problems in the remodeling arena is to ensure that when the project is completed, the addition is not so obvious, like an out-of-place appendage stuck to the existing building, which doesn’t belong. The design team’s ultimate goal was for old and new to appear as one whole entity when the construction was completed!

Creative solutions to the challenges:

Collaborating with our in-house structural engineers, Team GMA designed a cost-effective and practical solution to open up the exterior wall and create the new custom curved deck. With strategic positioning of posts and structural coordination of spans, we were able to avoid the use of steel beams which led to a reduction in overall construction costs. Instead of all new cabinetry, perimeter cabinetry at existing Kitchen was repainted and color-coordinated with new cabinetry at Kitchen Island. We owe our clients for this ingenuity; it was totally their idea, which goes to further reinforce another core belief of ours, the efficient collaboration with our clients and among all players of the design team.

Overall results of the project:

If a single statement can summarize the overall results of the project it is this: “Our clients are happy!” ……and justifiably so!

All of their original program requirements have been met. Yes, they are happy….and Team G.Manu is happy too!



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g. manu & associates - architectural design & build