21st Street
arlington, virginia

Explanation of Project including scope:

As is typical of most of our Arlington-VA projects, the overriding factor that necessitated this remodeling project was the need for more livable space.

The size of the existing one-story house which had only two bedrooms that shared a common bath needed to be increased.  The design program received from our client clearly stated that the new remodeled home shall include:

  • a new Master Suite complete with walk-in closet and bathroom
  • an additional self-contained bedroom unit with its closet and bathroom
  • a new well-lit multipurpose space to serve as Sunroom & Mudroom
  • remodeling of the kitchen and finishing the existing basement

Unusual Constraints or challenges:

The lot occupancy of the property had almost been maxed out by the footprint of the existing house. The addition of an extra 1,300 square feet to the existing 1,750 square feet of space meant that the design team had to consider increasing the size of the house vertically so as to be in compliance with Arlington County zoning laws.

As always, adding a new floor to an existing structure, especially one built in 1955, posed a structural engineering problem.

Creative solutions to the challenges:

We reinforced and utilized the existing 2x8 ceiling joists as floor structural members for the new second floor instead of totally removing and replacing these with new joists. This approach yielded a significant amount in cost savings.

The new second floor exterior walls were designed to enable us to keep the exterior brick gable ends of the existing structure. Keeping the existing brick veneer had additional benefits in terms of overall cost of construction.

Overall results of the project:

The new remodeled home now has over 3,000 square feet of livable space with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a new Sunroom/Mudroom and kitchen.

The key result of going vertical is that after almost doubling the size of the existing home, it nestles comfortably and still fits within the streetscape of the neighborhood.

g. manu & associates - architectural design & build

g. manu & associates - architectural design & build